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Rick Titus

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Rick Titus (rick@driverstalk.comhas compiled four decades of hands-on involvement with cars and trucks, including a stint as head of engineering at a top automotive accessories manufacturer.  His experience has led him to become the country’s only leading automotive industry authority serving automotive consumers, dealerships and corporate brands alike. 

As a former race car driver with 11 professional wins and the driver’s championship on the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Endurance Road Racing circuit, Titus followed in the footsteps of his legendary racer father and 2010 Motor Sports Hall of Fame inductee, Jerry Titus, for whom Rick served as a team crew member in the early 1970’s.  

In 1990, Rick Titus made automotive history with Chuck Beck of Special Editions when they took seven Ford Festivas, gutted the interiors, mounted Ford SHO (Yamaha-built for the Taurus SHO) 3.0 liter V6’s behind the front seats to make the car mid-engine and created the “Shogun.”  Tonight Show host Jay Leno is one of the proud owners of this limited edition road rocket.

Titus has further established his automotive authority status over the years as a contributing writer to such publications as Road & Track Specials, Motor Trend, Car and Driver, Hot Rod, AutoWeek, Sports Car Graphic, Mustang and more.

Now a lifetime member of the American Automotive Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association (AARWBA), Titus takes to the internet airwaves each week on Drivers Talk Radio along with a stellar team of automotive experts where he serves consumers as both a guide navigating the truthfulness of the industry’s marketing maze and as an interpreter explaining complicated mechanical issues in simple terms.

Delivering over 4,000 presentations in the past 10 years, Titus has also reached automotive executives, dealerships and sales consultants through new-product “walk-arounds,” sales training sessions, and motivational speaking.

Titus has embraced the world of social media and podcasting by taking his automotive expertise online through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn as well as via Stitcher and iTunes. With http://driverstalkradio.com as the central hub, Titus is setting the industry standard for automotive experts on how to effectively provide valuable content, build community and maintain audience engagement online. 

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