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Jay Dalton
Drivers Talk with Rick Titus

Drivers Talk began in January of 2000, and Jay has produced most of the shows. Raised in Southern California on go-karts, sports cars and motorcycles, he met Rick Titus in High School and started a lifetime of automotive adventures.

Following the Marine Corps and jobs in air freight, Jay started a small export company in 1972. Along with auto parts, the company shipped hundreds of vehicles overseas—including 29 hand-built sports cars for Japanese buyers, and the first jet-powered dragsters for South Africa.

As an original crew member of Steve Saleen’s Mustang-based endurance road racing team from 1985-1988, Jay played a role in multiple 24-hour racing victories, and celebrated the overall 1987 National Championship with the team.

In 2002 Jay and Rick began making training films for Ford Motor Company. Together they have designed, written, tested and provided automotive props for nearly 60 films for advertising. These include America’s best-selling vehicles, Ford’s F150 and Super Duty pickup trucks.

Jay has performed many complete teardowns on vehicles, comparing immediate competitors and finding marketing stories. Also, Jay heads up the dynamic testing portion of Drivers Talk. Both Rick and Jay have held current Tier Level III proving ground licenses for the last dozen years.

Together, they have performed certified dynamic analysis for various car companies. This data provides the legal validations for advertising claims, in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission rules.

Occasionally, their findings and claims have provided the content for national advertising spots. They have found the story, legally validated the claim, prepared the props, written the story, and filmed the content for national distribution. Together with other talented people, taking the story from “idea to air.”

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