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Greg Reynolds

Greg Reynolds may be retired but he is more involved with motorsports than ever. Since his first car at the age of 14, a 1935 Ford Coupe which he still owns, Greg has immersed himself in the automotive lifestyle and history. The tipping point of interest in cars for him happened in high school when he was hanging out at a local mechanic shop that was prepping road race cars for their owners.

Greg’s dad worked at Ford assembly plant in Long Beach, CA before moving Greg and his family to Oklahoma and later Kansas. He and Greg have always been “car guys”.  In high school Greg worked for a Ford dealership in Oklahoma doing new car prep and installing “dealer options” on a lot of Fairlane GTAs, Mustang Fastbacks and Convertibles along with Torinos, Galaxies and Pickups. A lot of Greg’s spare time was spent watching races at Midwest tracks such as Ponca City Grand Prix, War Bonnet and Hallett – all located in Oklahoma.

Having always wanted to race at some level, Greg dabbled on the dirt track in the early 1970’s and then got involved with the Shelby American Auto Club and helped introduce the Oklahoma region of SAAC to “open track events” at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit. Starting as a one-day event, it quickly grew to two days and then eventually expanded to three days with a driving school. Wanting to be on-track more with a growing interest in “vintage racing,” Greg started building a ’69 Boss 302 Mustang for a “vintage racing” competition. Before completing his build, he found a 1967 GT350 Shelby Mustang with early ‘70’s Sports Car Club of America history. It was bought as a roller with a motor and was running by the early-90’s. Greg does most all of his own work and set-up. He always says, “The fun of amateur racing is building it yourself and learning.”


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