9 Dec 2016

Accelerated Change: Wince

Experts are…you know…supposed to know their stuff. So here I stand before a pile of experts assembled on stage at the new Automobility LA (formerly...
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21 Nov 2016

Accelerated Change: Lucky

There’s a moment after impact when everything is very, very quiet. That stunned silence for 3 or 4 seconds after everything stops moving. Engine dead....
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7 Nov 2016

Accelerated Change: Passengers

Istanbul, long after midnight. Still warm and sticky. We are gliding smoothly along a wide body of water, the Bosphorus Strait between Asia and Europe....
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25 Oct 2016

Accelerated Change: Uber

Patina. Everything that’s weathered is suddenly new to the eyes again. Downtown L.A. in factories that once made burlap bags and steel cable, the walls are...
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13 Oct 2016

Accelerated Change: Beans

My brother-in-law, Dave, lives in Texas. He’s really from California, but don’t tell anybody down there…they all think he’s a Texan. HA! You know, he’s...
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27 Sep 2016

Accelerated Change: Goats

Flying on the ground. Tiny formation of two. Very few cars about. Early on Sunday. Lumpy two lane road north bound. Cloudless, dry, and it’s...
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19 Sep 2016

Accelerated Change: Dirt

Moonlit wings at 36,000 feet. Black below. For most of Africa, outdoor illumination is a prized commodity. Our path is marked by dozens of oil...
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