23 Feb 2018

2018 Auto Predictions

To kick off the year, Drivers Talk Radio hosts Rick Titus and Jay Dalton along with the team – Cam Bently, BJ Killeen and Micah...
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6 Jul 2017

Frameless Future

At a time when automotive manufacturers are using every method known to man to lower the static weight of their vehicles in the interests of...
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12 Jun 2017

Good News, Bad News

Good news: there are about thirty-three automotive reality shows for enthusiasts to watch. Bad news: most of them suck. Drivers Talk Radio will take on the bunch...
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6 Jun 2017

18 Years and Counting

Drivers Talk Radio is now halfway into its 18th season and our listener/viewer numbers have reached the big time. Funny though, how with a bigger...
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2 Feb 2017

Accelerated Change: Steve

The Land Rover is full of beer, food, music and a drone. Headed out of town, en route to a custom made compound in a private...
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6 Jan 2017

Accelerated Change: Pinball

Tire smoke pouring in through the side windows. No one on the sidewalk can look away. Turning tires and the smell of rubber punctuates the...
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